Top Ten cell phones in the world

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World 2015


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8. Black Diamond VIPN smartphone
Sleek, sexy and seductive! The Black Diamond is a super thin phone with a shape distinctive from other phones. Its border-less look is enhanced further by the black glossy finish. Two diamonds have been installed in the phone, 3 carat on the rear and 0.25 carat on the joystick. This little beauty costs three hundred thousand dollars, and to add to the aura of the phone we can tell you that only five of these were made, that’s what we call exclusive.

7. Vertu signature Cobra
Want to catch people’s eye? We’ve got just the thing. Phone number seven on the most expensive phone list is quiet something. As in the name, the device has a cobra draped at its sides made out of four hundred and nine rubies and two emeralds as eyes! The main selling point? The rare pear cut diamond installed into the frame. Carry this into a party and you’ll be the center of attention we guarantee. So start collecting the 310, 000 dollars now.

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6: Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
Here’s one for the collectors, Gresso Luxor Vegas jackpot for $1 million. One word can accurately describe the phone; unique! It’s not only unique because of the black diamonds that cover the whole phone nor the 180 gram 12 mm frame but it’s the two hundred year old African Blackwood at the back! But that’s not all there are seventeen hand polished and etched sapphires in the keyboard too. So the next time you go to Vegas and hit the jackpot you know what to invest in!

Top-10-Most-Expensive-Phone-in-The-World-2015-Gresso-Luxor-Las-Vegas-Jackpot5: Diamond Crypto Smartphone
They say this is one for the wealthy and the paranoid. Not only is it laden with expensive metal and precious stones but it has powerful encryption technology. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone was developed to “provide secure protection of information”. The phone is made of solid platinum!The Ancort logo and navigation are 18 carat rose gold with 28 cut diamonds surrounding the navigation key, 25.5 princess cut diamonds have decorated the sides of the phone and on top of that there are 8 more beautiful diamonds affixed onto the device. This diamond graved phone costs around a whopping $1.3 million.

4: GoldVish Le Million
Designed by a renowned designer Emmanuel Gueit and launched in Switzerland, this handcrafted phone is made of 18 carat white gold installed with 120 carat VVS-1 graded diamonds. There were only a 100 of these made and is only available on special request, talk about being exclusive. In 2006, a Russian businessman bought this phone for 1 million euros. It also held the Guiness world record for being the world’s most expensive phone in the world. Well deserving to be on our top ten!

Top-10-Most-Expensive-Phone-in-The-World-2015-Diamond-Crypto-Smartphone3: IPhone 3G King’s Button
Grabbing third place is Iphone 3G king.The home button is embedded with a high quality 6.6 carat diamond, this gives the phone the class it needs to be classified as a luxurious phone. This “Royal” phone is made of 18-carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.It shows off a white gold line encrusted with 138 perfectly cut, aligned and hand placed diamonds. Its cost range is between$1.5 million – $2 million.Looks like the financial crisis have not really bothered Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson.

2: Supreme Goldstriker IPhone 3G 32GB
Supreme Goldstriker IPhone 3G comes second to Diamond Rose IPhone on the list of the world’s most expensive phones in the world with the cost of $3.2 million. This ‘goldstriking’ phone is also designed by Stuart Hughes. This dazzling phone is coated with 136 F Diamonds, 271 grams of 22 carat solid and a 7.1 carat diamond is set on the Home button of the phone to give a luxurious finish On top of that this expensive phone has rare Kashmir gold and its inner lining is designed with nubuck top-grain animal skin. Truly a masterpiece.

Top-10-Most-Expensive-Phone-in-The-World-2015-GoldVish-Le-Million Top-10-Most-Expensive-Phone-in-The-World-2015-IPhone-3G-Kings-Button Top-10-Most-Expensive-Phone-in-The-World-2015-Supreme-Goldstriker-IPhone-3G-32GB Top-10-Most-Expensive-Phone-in-The-World-2015-Supreme-Goldstriker-IPhone-3G-32GB
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