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Feedly excels on the iPhone, as its mix of a clean layout with photos and just enough text is perfect for reading news on the smaller screen. Although focused on Google Reader integration, Feedly functions perfectly well as a standalone app, as it includes a selection of feeds to browse as well as the ability to add your own. The swiping and tapping interface allows for one-handed use and quick scrolling through top news. The only issue with Feedly is that it only caches and formats the portion of the article it gets from an RSS feed, which means that many long articles can only be read in a web view.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

by Flipboard Inc.


Flipboard deserves its spot as one of the best known news and content aggregation apps on the iOS platform. The app is beautifully designed, optimized for iPhone use, can be connected to most social media accounts, and now even supports podcasts and music via an in-app player. Flipboard’s true power lies in its content catalog, which includes many of the biggest names in blogs and news, any website with an RSS feed or Twitter account, and, most importantly, content chosen by Flipboard staff and other interesting personalities. These curated topics are similar to sections in a newspaper, but they combine information from many different sources— it is essentially a folder in an RSS reader, only you don’t have to create it. More, Flipboard continually updates its catalog and creates new curated topics for timely events; for example, in March, I used Flipboard’s NCAA March Madness section to help fill out my bracket. The app is very responsive, but lacks a list or headline-only view, which is likely to disappoint those who want a quick overview of current news. Although there is room for improvement (e.g., the ability to add more sources to your flipboard), Flipboard is still a top option for news reading on the iPhone.

USA TODAY for iPhone



The recently-updated USA Today app seems designed to replicate the feeling, if not the exact experience, of reading the paper newspaper. The app opens with a scrollable list of top stories, but all the familiar sections from the paper are easily accessible (and color coded!) via a button in the corner. To make reading on the iPhone's smaller screen easier, the sections are subdivided multiple times, which insures that you will see the content you want most. The one glaring omission is support for the landscape orientation, which is something they will hopefully correct in the next update. The app could also be speedier, but its subtle lag is explained by the fact that it formats all the articles for easy reading before displaying them.

CNN App for iPhone

by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.


CNN collects all of the top stories in multiple categories and optimizes their presentation for reading on the iPhone’s screen. All articles are formatted and include helpful bullet point summaries under the headline to facilitate quick reading, and many link to video. Users can also view local news, live tv (if their cable provider is supported), and even submit stories via “iReport.” CNN supports push notifications and following specific topics.


by The New York Times Company


The New York Times is widely considered one of the most prestigious names in news, which makes its iPhone app a must-have. Non-subscribers are limited to viewing “top news, ” but that covers a wide range and the rest of the app’s functionality, including push notifications, is intact. Articles are well-formatted and load quickly, but the use of an animated banner ad in the bottom of the screen (even for subscribers and occasionally in full screen mode) detracts from the reading experience.

Notable Apps

The Guardian for iPhone

by Guardian News and Media Limited


The Guardian offers more functionality than others in its class, with no hidden costs! Users can view all sections of the paper, select sections for offline use, send articles to Twitter, Facebook, or email, and even search articles. The Guardian app has a unique tagging feature that puts a tag icon on articles that, when pushed, displays related subjects.

Taptu - DJ your News



Taptu uses a similar layout to the more popular Pulse, with both vertical and horizontal navigation through feeds, but offers more customization options. The app rewards users who are willing to spend the time to learn its quirks, as it supports creating your own categories with multiple feeds and even modifying the ones curated by Taptu. The app can also link to and add content from multiple social networks.

News360 for iPhone: Your Personalized News Reader

by News360

Mart Corp After School - Anonymous Funny School News For Confessions & Compliments
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