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11 best Android news apps

ABC News best android news apps[Price: Free]
The ABC News app is first up and when it comes to applications, ABC does quite well. They have personalized alerts so you can get notifications about news that matters to you and an inbox where you can save stories you want to read later. There are also a number of organization features designed to help you stay caught up on the latest news. There is even radio. The design isn’t amazing but the features for it.

[Price: Free]
BBC is considered one of the more reliable news sources around the world and the application is no exception. It comes with Holo UI which makes it easy to use and pleasing to look at. It also has push notifications for breaking news, access to BBC World Service radio, text sizing options, various news categories, and personalization to help you better find the news you want. A few people have had some problems here and there but overall, this is a really nice app.

drudge report best android news apps[Price: Free]
The Drudge Report is a curated news aggregation site that links to news from various media outlets. Think of it as an RSS feed that you don’t have to build yourself. It gets the latest breaking news from an array of categories like world news and sports. There are also push notifications, a widget, and a minimal UI layout to minimize the number of distractions. IT’s generally well regarded and one of the higher rated apps on this list.

[Price: Free]
Of course, if you want to create your own news feed using RSS, Feedly is among the top ways to do it. You can find news from a variety of sources including the biggest news outlets in the world. It comes with a nice interface, the ability to integrate with social media, and there is even YouTube channel support.feedly best android news apps It’s highly rated and became the go-to RSS app after the unfortunate demise of Google Reader.

[Price: Free]
Flipboard is another app that rose to prominence after the death of Google Reader. Much like Feedly, you can create your own news feed from the sources you trust. It features some flashy UI mechanics and a wide range of sources. There are 24 localized regions which covers a majority of the world which is a great feature and there are curated news feeds if you don’t want to make your own.

[Price: Free]
Google News & Weather was recently refreshed and re-released by Google with a new card UI. It’s true that most Google fans simply use Google Now these days but Google News & Weather is still a good app for those who want a dedicated news app. It’s more minimal than most of these other apps which is good if you want to keep it simple. It features coverage from 65, 000 publications that are separated into categories and, of course, the weather. It’s free, it’s simple, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Flipboard best Android news apps Google News and Weather best android news apps npr news best android news apps reddit news pro best android news apps
NFL Enterprises LLC Football Season
Mobile Application (NFL Enterprises LLC)
  • STORIES: Read articles and watch videos highlighting the latest stories and breaking news from around the NFL and from all 32 teams
  • GAMES: Follow along with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights, big play markers and a redesigned drive chart
  • STATS: Track league and team leaders in all major stats categories
  • MORE: Watch video on demand, see the NFL Network schedule, browse the NFL Shop store, and more
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