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About Publishing on News

News Publisher makes it easy to distribute interactive and engaging articles on News, an all-new app built right into iOS 9. News brings together high-quality news, magazine, and blog sources in a single beautiful content experience. Whether you’re a major news organization or an individual blogger, you can sign up to deliver your content to News.

This guide shows you how to register as a publisher, set up your News channel, and prepare, deliver, and manage your content. It also provides information about earning revenue through iAd.

Coming Soon: Apple News Format

With Apple News Format, you can create beautiful layouts with iOS fonts, rich photo galleries, videos, and animations. Author once and News will optimize your content for all iOS 9 devices. You can connect your existing content management systems to News, and access metrics to measure engagement with your content.

Sign up for News Publisher and we’ll notify you once Apple News Format is available.

Advertising Opportunities

Monetization of Apple News Format content is made simple with iAd, Apple’s advertising platform. Keep 100% of the revenue from the ads you sell, and 70% when iAd sells ads for you. For more information, see .

tekRESCUE Apple News Reporter
Mobile Application (tekRESCUE)
  • Keep up with the latest Apple News
  • Share the latest Apple news with any app that supports sharing
  • Star articles to read later
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