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Find out first with Breaking News. Discover breaking stories that are uniquely important to you - even stories that break near your location.

Our editors monitor social media and bring you just the facts you need from trusted sources faster than any other news app. You can:

• New: Breaking News is now on Apple Watch
• Watch live video from the scene of breaking stories
• See news breaking near your location anywhere in the world
• Receive a proximity alert when a major story breaks near you
• Discover when news breaks in your favorite topics by adding them to your Watchlist
• Hide stories you don't want to see with a tap of your finger
• See the most surprising stories trending in real-time with "Whoa!"
• Get verified eyewitness photos and videos from breaking events
• Get reliable coverage and insight from the same editors who power @breakingnews
• Alert your friends over Facebook, Twitter, text and email
• Do everything with no registration required!

"Indispensable" - The Verge
"Gold standard for news aggregation" - Fast Company
"Best apps to catch breaking news" - Wall Street Journal

If you have any issues or suggestions, please email us at support@breakingnews.com and we'll get back to you right away.

What's New in Version 3.8.2

- Improved control of notification settings
- Better Dynamic Type support

Best News App. Beats Apple's
by RangerPHX

This application is in the top five of all the news applications available for Apple's iPad iPad iPhone. Have been using the app location for over A year and it never fails to work me of important news in the USA and around the world. Their message alert is superb I always wish that it offered more alert categories; but must complement their system when you exceeded the allowable alerts it gives you a listing of your alerts so you could decide which one has priority.

Bottom line this is truly a 10 Star Application & they routinely update the application to keep it at the pinnacle of perfect!

Thank you.

Best news app around
by Damtheo

My company pays multiple tens of thousands of dollars for an intelligence service to provide information on breaking stories that may impact our locations. Not only is this app free, it's faster and more accurate. Often times I know about an event 30 minutes to an hour before main stream media reports. I've stopped using our paid service almost all together and use Breaking News. Social media feeds that get routed through here provide almost real time actionable intelligence.

Very Buggy Web Viewer
by PeachesNYC

The app itself is fairly useful. But if you open a link to view a story, the built-in web viewer is horribly buggy. The worst problem is that the web viewer jumps to the top of the webpage when your finger touches the screen for more than a second. This happens even when just scrolling down a web page. This is very annoying if you are half-way through a long story and it suddenly jumps to the top of the page because you were scrolling too slowly. Very frustrating!

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

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  • Size: 17.7 MB
  • Apple Watch: Yes
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