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Make the most of the new young BB10 dream with these ten top apps

The BlackBerry Z10 has a lot riding on its shoulders, being the first BB10-powered model to launch and therefore giving smartphone buyers the initial opportunity to see how the all-new mobile OS stacks up against the competition.

BlackBerry hopes it'll turn things around in the face of Android and iOS domination, and in terms of quality and depth of apps on offer to users, it's starting to get there, with a good number of "native" apps designed specifically to take advantage of BlackBerry's new software already available for new Z10 users.

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To further bolster app numbers BlackBerry ran a promotion earlier this year in which it paid developers to convert their apps to BB10 format and stick them up on Appworld, meaning there's stacks of fun stuff to choose from when you fire up the Z10 for the first time - although many BB10 apps are actually pretty uninspiring ports of Android software.

However, there are still lots of useful, innovative, bespoke apps on BB10 that out-do plenty of their higher profile Android and iOS cousins, enough to make owning a Z10 a sufficiently different experience from using the other smartphones out there today. Here are 10 apps that help make the Z10 really stand out.

The Guardian

Best Z10 apps

The Guardian's thrown caution to the wind with this one, going all-out to create a native BB10 app that isn't a mere port of an existing app or a simple mobile web site wrapper.

The paper's app is instantly at home on the Z10, featuring a custom BB10 styled UI, a clean layout, integrated sharing tools and the option to use it in landscape mode if you'd rather more closely approximate the feeling of struggling with an actual broadsheet.

Book Reader

The official Amazon Kindle app for BB10 is a rather sad and sorry port of one of the older iterations of the Android app, so it's not particularly useful for showing off the best of the format.

It's left to indie products like Book Reader to add style and functionality to BB10, including support for EPUB, MOBI, FB2, TXT and CHM format books, making it a powerful tool for enjoying your DRM-free reading library on the go.

ClipMan Clipboard Manager

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to doing serious stuff on a phone is managing your clipboard content.

Even in BlackBerry's latest OS it's pretty fiddly to copy and paste text between apps, making this clipboard manager an essential for looking after your text snippets.

It monitors all text fields, populating a database with your words, presenting the option to miraculously save the day by searching for text you've previously entered - which you can then fling out through email or other apps via BB10's usual sharing tools.


The maker of Open WA (previously known as OpenWhatsApp) is a little bit angry with BlackBerry, claiming it courted him, encouraged him to create a version of WhatsApp for BB10 - then went cold on the idea and refused to publish it on the BB app marketplace.

So if you want to use this slimline and stylish take on the cross-platform messaging tool you have to install it yourself outside of the BlackBerry World app store.

But it's worth it, as OpenWS provides a vastly better experience on BB10 than the official WhatsApp BB10 app, featuring a slick, native design, integrated sharing, group chats and everything else that made WhatsApp such a winner.

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