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Review: 7 Android apps that track your expenses

expense apps abukai ssTraveling these days is a hassle, no matter why you're going, or where - and the necessity to track your expenses along the way just adds to the irritation. A good app, though, can make things a lot easier - not only during the trip but afterwards, when you have to report it all to your (or your company's) accountant.

The following seven Android apps have been created to help users track and report on their expenses. Some are strictly for business purposes; others can be used for both personal and work finance tracking. All of these have been updated within the last six months and have earned a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars on Google Play by at least 100 users.

All that being said, they encompass a fairly wide range of features. All offer the ability to manually enter an expense, to categorize it, and to either create a report or export the data so it can be used in a spreadsheet or other format. Some allow you to photograph your receipt so you have proof of payment; a couple, such as Abukai Expenses and Expensify, even extract information from those photographs.

money techAll of these have free versions, which are the ones I tested. For each, I entered a number of expenses manually; when available, I added photos of receipts. I exported those expenses as a spreadsheet or PDF, depending what was available, and then explored the app further to see what other features it offered.

Some offer ad-free versions for an additional fee while others offer "Pro" versions with more advanced features; Abukai and Expensify both also have corporate versions with enterprise functionality.

Note: I tested all but one on a Nexus 7 tablet loaded with Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The exception was Abukai Expenses, which kept crashing on the tablet; I tested that instead on a Moto X (first version) smartphone using Android 4.4.4.

As with all apps, which one you choose depends on your individual needs, the needs of your company and what type of interface you're most comfortable with.

Abukai depends solely on photographed receipts; it does let you add an additional note to each (left); each set of 10 receipts is counted as a submission; free accounts allow for 12 submissions a year (right).

Abukai is a company that sells a number of business productivity products, one of which is Abukai Expenses. The app allows you to photograph your receipts, check the info, enter any additional data and upload it to create a report.

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