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Android app review sites list (2015 update)

As an Android developer you know by now that when you finish working on your app and get it published on Google Play the other half of work just starts, the work you like less: marketing. However this is an important part that influences the popularity of your app. If you rely solely on submitting apps to Google Play alone, you’re doing a mistake. You should submit your app to as many Android review sites as possible. Think about how much promotion do you get by default from Google Play when you publish an app and you’ll see that they don’t do much. With close to a million apps now published in the playstore it would be difficult for them to promote new ones. Right now here’s how they promote apps on Google Play:

  • Top paid/free and grossing. They show the lucky 5 most popular apps on the homepage and if as an user you have the curiosity to check the popular ones per category or ‘All Top Paid Apps’ you’ll get 20 pages with 24 apps on them so a total of 480*3 apps that get promoted this way. Then there’s also the Top New Paid and Top New Free lists that will show the same amount of apps but added recently (most likely if your app gets some steam this is where it could be shown). All in all with the top charts there are 5 lists of 480 apps so 2400 listings.
  • Staff picks/editor choice. Then there’s the list of apps their own staff decides to promote, but in total there are around 100 apps promoted this way.
  • Trending apps & Recommended for you. Here they show 240 apps and games that are rising in popularity, much like the Top new free/paid but even less popular then those. As a logged in user you get to receive some app recommendations as well, but those are just 24 apps.
  • Related apps/games. For each listing in the playstore Google will show the user additional related games and apps. Like it wasn’t difficult enough to promote your app, now they show your visitors your most popular competitors as well. Luckily there aren’t many listings shown this way, but chances are your app is listed this way somewhere too. Considering that the prominent listings mentioned above account for a total of 2764 apps and given that there are usually 8 recommendations, we’ll place the possible related apps/games listings that could get visibility to 22112.

So that’s it, they basically promote 25, 000 apps in total, with 20% of those apps receiving the most exposure because no one will scroll to the 20th page of the Top apps. Sure, there’s the search option as well but having your app shown in the first few listings is closely related on how well you’ve optimized your playstore listing. In the recent keynote they’ve disclosed that there are 6 million unique searches per month, so about 200, 000 searches daily. Out of those, let’s assume that 20% of the searches are popular enough to see some traffic your way if you’re optimized. That means about 40, 000 apps/games will be installed daily and receive visibility this way. Summing it all up they promote 65, 000 apps (roughly) out of 1 million. That’s a little over 6% and again this is a very optimistic approximation given that I didn’t exclude duplicates. But anyway, would you rely solely on the act of god that will push your app in those lucky 6%?

You shouldn’t. You have to do anything in your power to promote your Android app and market it to your best knowledge. One of the recommendations is to submit your app to as many review sites as you can. All of them if possible. This way you can do something to increase the popularity of your app. Now, there aren’t many popular Android review sites, but for sure all of the most popular ones are included in the list I gathered below. As of right now there are 168 Android sites in this list, and since it is work-in-progress if you know of a new website or have anything to add regarding the sites already present please leave a comment and help us improve it (if you’re looking for game-related sites only, see my other post for a Game Review Sites List).

A couple of notes about the list of Android review sites below:

  • The ‘Popularity’ meter takes into account the amount of backlinks that particular site has.
  • I constantly add new contact information for the listed websites, so bare with me until I get it done. If you have something to add, say it in the comments and it will be added.
  • In the URL column I only show the main domain but the full url to the review site is embedded in the code, so when you click on each domain you’ll be directed to the page where you can submit the app – this only in the case that I found the correct url, a thing that still needs improvement.
  • Disclosure: Yes, that first 2 websites are not the most popular ones, but the guy behind them (me!) helped create this list of Android review websites.

“Email (hidden)” below means that the contact email address was removed due to the requests I received. There are around 45 email addresses that I protected.

I launched a submission service, 140+ App review sites requests. The protected contact details are included in the report I send after the submission is completed and I use a more accurate list with over 300 websites.

Any input is highly appreciated so please do leave a comment if you have other marketing ideas or something that would improve this list of Android review sites. Nevertheless, if you find this post useful share it via your social networks as I’m sure your developer friends will appreciate it too. And again, if you’re tired of submitting to Android app review sites by yourself I can help you, check out how here: 140+ App review requests

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