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WhatsApp alternativas androidpitBest instant messenger apps for Android. © ANDROIDPIT

Messenger: because everybody has Facebook

Facebook’s official instant messaging app has recently been made over to deliver a faster, cleaner service and interface. It’s much like WhatsApp (as are most of the apps on this list), but Messenger instantly connects to all of your Facebook contacts, making it one of the most convenient messaging apps, if nothing else.

A recent update is that you can also message non-Facebook friends by using their phone number. Messenger allows you to access all of your Facebook messages without using the main app or website. It also has stickers and emojis, groups, voice recordings, location data, free calls, photo sharing and more.

The unmistakably clean interface of Facebook Messenger. / © ANDROIDPIT Messenger

Skype: for video calls

facebook messengerThe granddaddy of video calls, Skype has been around for forever and is still kicking strong. Skype is primarily used for calls, but the IM component is just as useful. In fact, we use it as our primary communication tool here at AndroidPIT.

Skype requires Skype IDs, so you’ll only be able to add friends if you know their Skype contact name. But once you do, you can send instant messages anytime you want, for free, as well as make video calls. You can also add Skype credit and make cheap international calls to landlines and mobile phones.

The chat section offers group chat, media sharing, emoji and more. Plus you can have one account on several devices (something that WhatsApp doesn’t allow).

The original (but not necessarily the best), Skype still offers reliable messaging. / © ANDROIDPIT Skype - free IM & video calls

skype messenger appTelegram: to keep the Russians out

Speed and security are the name of the game for Telegram. The app provides encrypted cross-platform messaging and it's completely free.

Founder Nikolai Durov stated that he set out to design a messenger that could not be accessed by Russian security agencies. When he offered a prize of US$200, 000 to anyone who could crack the app's encryption protocol, no one managed it.

If you want a fast, free and secure messenger, Telegram comes highly recommended.

Keep your messages safe from the FSB with Telegram. / © ANDROIDPIT Telegram

Dasher: for exclusive features

tango messenger appDasher is making an effort to spice up the messenger market by employing some pretty cool and unusual features. It allows you to share GIFs and play YouTube videos directly in the chat window and there are rich URL previews: features that WhatsApp is only just starting to catch up with.

One of Dasher's most unusual additions is that of being able to share money with your friends using Venmo, something that no other messenger provides – useful when you're lying in bed remembering how your friend bundled you into a taxi last night.

For innovative features, Dasher is the way to go. / © ANDROIDPIT Dasher Messenger

MySMS: for SMS-IM bonding

Making a big splash upon release, MySMS aims to merge the worlds of SMS and instant messaging into one cohesive experience. It offers great cross-compatibility, working over Android, Mac, Windows and any web browser.

It supports group messaging and MMS, message scheduling, message export and backup, and connects with services such as Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive. Many of the advanced features require a premium membership, but at just US$9.99 per year, it's hardly going to break the bank.

Many of MySMS's features require you to pay, but it's worth it. / © ANDROIDPIT

Tango: for networking

It takes two to Tango, but there are plenty more than that using the service. Tango does much the same as the rest: instant messaging, media sharing, stickers, group chat, video calling, group chat, etc, but it also has a ton of extras. Tango recently went through a complete overhaul and now hosts a news feed and even dedicated news channels for you to follow.

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