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Launcher X Android Apps WeeklyWelcome back to the last edition of Android Apps Weekly in 2015! We’d like to thank you for another 52 weeks of tuning in each week to catch the latest app news. Let’s get to the headlines:

  • A little more news leaked out about Nintendo’s upcoming Android game this week. It’s been all but confirmed that it’s going to be a social media style app and the clothing items will be used to customize your avatar. We’re not sure where the game part is yet, but we’ll find out eventually.
  • Last week we reported that there were 35 awesome games on sale on Google Play. That list has been updated and there are now over 85 titles available right now with a varying amount of discounts. Some of the games include most of Square Enix’s library, Half-Life 2, Worms 2, NBA JAM, most of Kemco’s library, and plenty of others. Check it out before these deals end.
  • In an effort to show people that the Play Store is more than just apps and games, Google Play is having a promotion to get users into the other parts of the store.Launcher X Android Apps Weekly Until January 4th, you can get 3 months of Google Play Music for , some Google Play Books titles are up to 80% off, and movie rentals are up to 75% off.
  • In perhaps one of the best news stories of the year, it was announced that The Beatles were coming to streaming services for the first time in most markets. As of now, you can listen to the fab 4 on Apple Music, Google Play Music, Microsoft Groove, Rhapsody, Amazon Prime Music, Slacker, Spotify, and Tidal.
  • It’s been rumored that Google is creating another messaging service and this one is a little bit different. Instead of the usual paradigm where you can chat and stuff, this new service is rumored to have a ton of bots that will chat with you, make recommendations, and fetch information.Space Jet Android Apps Weekly We’ll have to see what happens if this rumor turns out to be true.

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Launcher X

[Price: Free / $4.99]
Launcher X is a fairly new launcher that seems to blend a simple premise with some complex ideas. It’s built on the AOSP 3 launcher so it’s fairly close to stock in terms of performance and look but the developers have added plenty of extra goodies. They include a metric ton of customization options, gesture control, swipe-able docks, a slide out drawer, and you can even recreate Google Now Launcher’s functionality. It’s new, which means it’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s worth a shot!

Space Jet

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Space Jet is an online aviation shooter where you fly a spaceship and shoot down other people who are also flying space ships. The controls are surprisingly good and the game is actually quite a bit of fun to play. As you play, you unlock upgrades for your spaceship that can do more damage, give you powers like camouflage, and a lot more. It is a freemium game so there is a bit of a pay-to-win mechanic and there are some ads here and there, but it’s an above average multiplayer shooter.

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