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The 15 Best Android Games

Your Android device is the portal to an amazing selection of world-class gaming. Here are our favorites.

These days, you can use your smartphone for just about everything. There are Android apps for getting things done, for doing your office work, and for predicting the weather. You can even file your taxes. But what if you don't want to do any of those things? What if, instead of being productive, you'd rather waste a few minutes, race a few laps, or slay a few dragons? For that, you need games, and for you, we have a list of our favorites.

Our Favorites
This is by no means a comprehensive or complete survey of Android games. A marketplace as vast and vibrant as Google Play has something for everyone: board games, word games, shooters, racers, runners, and even fantasy quiz RPGs. To tackle a market that broad, we combined research with a poll of what PCMag staffers had on their own phones. Like the offerings on Google Play, it's a broad mix of new and classic games that we love, and we're sure you'll feel the same way.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush (for Android) We've got a few high-octane, high-performance titles that will stun your eyes and drain your battery. We've also got a lot of smaller, simpler titles that are perfect for just killing time and occupying your mind. There's also titles designed to challenge your wits, and some oddballs to keep things interesting.

What really excites me is the number of titles that premiered on computers but have made their way to Android. It shows that these games have really strong concepts that can be translated across just about any platform, and it's a testament to how far mobile devices have come as gaming platforms. It's also super convenient to have your favorite games accessible, no matter where you are.

The Best Is Yet to Come
As with all of our lists at PCMag, this is a work in progress. We'll be updating and expanding it from time to time. We'll try to keep it fresh, too, by cycling out titles that have already had their moment in the sun. Hopefully, every time you check this list, there'll be something new and interesting to discover.

Don't see your favorite on the list? Drop us a polite message in the comments. Like you, we're always hungry for new tappy timewasters and we'll definitely take a look.

This tactical, turn-based strategy game was a hit on the PC and has finally arrived on Android. Lead your party of Vikings through a gorgeous, mythic world and weave your own legendary story. Though the price tag is steep, the rewards are worthwhile (read: buy it).

Do you love classic Dreamcast titles? Do you support traditional taxis in the face of Uber? Do you really, really love The Offspring? Then you'll faint with joy playing Crazy Taxi, a port of the console classic for Android. Don't spring for the ad-riddled remake Sega Crazy Taxi: City Rush; stick with the original.

Try to hook as many deep-sea fish as you can before they're all tossed in the air. Then throw aside your rod and reel and pull out your...minigun? The madness doesn't stop there in this hilarious, bizarre game. This is truly ridiculous fishing.
Far from being a dreary cash-in, Tapped Out is a brilliant, satirical look at casual gaming and even the long-running cartoon which spawned it. Yes, it's packed with opportunities to spend real money, but it's always with a wink and a nudge. The best parts of this game are easily the massive events that completely re-skin Springfield and its denizens. You'll wear out the screen with all your tapping.
One of the strangest games to arrive on our phones, Survive! Mola Mola! is a sunfish simulator based on the (scientifically dubious) idea that these animals are the dumbest and weakest of all living things. Basically, it's a virtual pet, but one that's more likely to kill itself by jumping too high out of the water.
If you enjoyed the minimalist beauty of Dots, then you'll love its sequel: Two Dots. As in the original, you're tasked with connecting dots of like color, but now there are new challenges and an even lovelier aesthetic.
15 Best Android Games
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